Not what I Sexpected…

So here we are. Another unit completed in my Communication and Media degree. While normally I feel relieved to be closer to my graduation day, this feels different. While initially resisting the requirements to maintain an active online identity, once I began to embrace the concept a strange thing happened… no longer did work feel like coursework but instead became part of my everyday routine. I found myself checking my twitter account on a daily basis, which for someone that initially came in with a borderline distain for twitter, this was quite strange. I never dreamt this would happen… but never thought I would start a blog or post a video on YouTube, so apparently this is the year of the strange.

When creating my video, one of the most difficult parts was trying to find valuable sources for the sexting topic. While there are many research papers around, many discussed or complained about the same thing. Using the Deakin library greatly assisted my research; with learning to use the abstract to identify articles relevance became an immense timesaver. Changing the keywords from ‘sexting’ to ‘sexting positives/negatives’ or ‘sexting education’ for example helped to narrow my search for useful information.

With around 20 scholarly articles found it became time to cull them down to be able to meet a 7-minute deadline. I decided to link the articles with relevance and found mutual topics of:

Who is sexting?

Why they are sexting?

What benefits can be found in sexting

Why are people scared or against sexting in the first place?

Doing this kept the subject broad enough to become applicable to a large audience, while still being able to provide valid and strong arguments.

So now my topic had been chosen, my research was completed and I had planned out my video there was only one thing next. FILMING!!! With limited technology (only an iPad) and no form of audio equipment I set up my workspace and began filming. With an initial hour of ‘um’ and ‘ahh’ muttering things looked bleak but as it started to become more natural, I got into the swing of things rather quickly.

Upon filming and then finally editing I learnt many things that I wish I knew before I had started. If I ever record another video (GOD HELP ME NO!) then I will take some new information into the work.

  • Lighting: I started filming throughout the day in my shed, and once I begin editing released that there was different lighting for specific sections. The door is a tinted glass so the weather outside changed my lighting. So make sure all externally lighting is covered and no light bulbs die during recording (a very annoying surprise).
  • Filming: Take as many shots as possible, even if you think you have nailed it record some more because often their will be some pauses or repetition of words (actually is now my mortal enemy).
  • Editing: JUMP CUTS. When you haven’t recorded enough footage or recorded too much footage then these will become both your best friend and worst enemy. Was I happy with the amount of jump cuts used… probably not but it did make me look and seem like a real Vlogger.
  • Visuals and Sound: Get audio recording equipment and a decent camera… that is all.

The best way to counteract not having decent equipment though is to use other people’s work (creative commons for the win y’all). While my iTunes playlist is updated with many fresh Soundcloud beats and my computer is filled with Freeimage photos, they also provide awesome content that make editing and production so much easier.

While this would have to be one of the most difficult and eye opening tasks I have completed, it would have to also be one of the best. I challenge anyone out there to find a topic and Vlog about it because you don’t know yourself until you watch yourself for 7 minutes.


Ben out!

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Enjoy and i apologies for the scary image that is currently on your screen.





My broader online engagement:

I have vastly improved my online engagement in the second half of the semester and really began to enjoy it. I have been commenting on videos and podcasts (occasionally), posting on twitter, making videos and interacting with fellow class members.

Please view Tiffit tally for specific engagement.