Making it less TAXIng

While the Taxi industry is currently in trouble with the current popularity of Uber, some people might think that this could be the end of the Taxi industry. Me on the other hand, feel this brings on an exciting chance for taxi’s to update their operations and retake the position on driving throne.

My plan is to use 4 simple mechanics from video games and apply them to the Taxi industry to increase engagement and improve the industry as whole. This will require either a new or at least update of the current app. Let the Gamification begins….


1.Fast Feedback:

This process would involve being able to search all available local taxi drivers in the area and view them on a map. You will be able to see their ratings from previous drives and any comments left by customers. Once selected you can be connected to the driver where you can arrange pick up spots and how to identify you (so Taxi’s aren’t stolen) etc. You can also review and be reviewed after your journey with both a ?/5 rating and a written review if required. Beanhunter is one of many sites that use this system, by having multiple reviews and ratings about coffees. This allows you to choose the best destination in the area while minimising the risk involved.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.14.56 am.png

Bean Hunter

2.Badges/evidence of accomplishment:
These awards can be given to both the drivers and the passengers on the Taxi app. Badges for reaching distance travelled, amount of taxis called, consecutive weeks and reaching a certain amount of stars. Physical rewards such as a percentage discount, free rides and priority service can be given for hitting specific badge goals. An example of a successful badge system employed by Foursquare. Some of their ideas such as a dragon badge for using the app on ‘Game of Thrones’ nights can add excitement for a whole range of demographics.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.06.08 am.png
Four Square Badges Explained 


The points system i would adopt would mean that points are earned at the end of each journey. You will receive a total that is based upon this very complicated formula: A x B = T (A = the score you receive from the driver out of 5, B = the total distance travelled, T = total points earned). These points can be used to give you a discount in future travels. The system would be similar to the Flybuys system how you earn points that can eventually be used as credit for other journeys. Teaming up with other organisations will increase the value and importance of these points too.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.23.55 am.png


4. Community/Competition:

Community in this idea would involve everyone having the ability to see the drivers in the area and communicate with them directly to organise any specific details (if needed). It also allows everyone to share their experiences of events and promotes all people involved being better behaved. Having better reviews could also be used in a priority system, so your service will faster the more repeat positive reviews you have. The competition aspect of the app would be that you can have scoreboards to compare yourself to people globally, in the area, or even just in a friendship group to see who has the most points. Splitting bills can also be arranged with the app by seeing previous fares amongst the group and making everyone pay different amounts accordingly. Jeans for genes uses a leaderboard system to show who has donated the most, which will give positive PR and recognition for anyone that donates.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.49.25 am.png

Jenes for Genes


I believe with these little (well maybe not so little) changes, the Taxi industry can take a giant leap forward and increase their chances of driving supremacy.






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